Amparo support after suicide - briefing for those needing to refer a client/ patient for support

Amparo offers support to anyone who has been affected by suicide in Suffolk.

Amparo are hosting a number of free Zoom briefings, which will cover their role and how to refer to them - designed for anyone who may encounter someone who has been affected by suicide so that they can be confident to refer them to the service.
The sessions will also include a chance to raise any questions you may have.

Sessions are currently planned for:

Thurs 8th April @ 1.30pm
Tues 13th April @ 3pm
Tues 20th April @ 1.30pm
Thurs 29th April @ 5pm
Wed 19th May @ 12.30pm
Tues 25th May @ 2pm
Thurs 27th May @ 4pm
Fri 4th June @ 12.30pm
Tues 8th June @ 2.30pm
Mon 14th June @ 9.30pm
Wed 23rd June @ 2.30pm
Tues 29th June @ 12pm

The Zoom briefings will be repeated sessions, each lasting around 40 minutes (so people only need to attend once).
Anyone wishing to book should email
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