The Roma Support Group is the UK’s first Roma-led charity with 20 years’ experience of engaging with the Roma community in the UK. They have experience of working with both new and established Roma communities from across Central and Eastern Europe and professionals who support Roma communities. Many practitioners are dealing with an increasing number of difficult cases which involve East European Roma. The workshop will enable professionals to explore issues related to experiences from countries of origin, cultural customs and taboos, understanding of UK norms and expectations and impact on communication and engagement with services and professionals.

This training is beneficial for those working in Children’s services including adoption / fostering teams, Adult social services, Family intervention and support services, Children’s Centres, Schools, Health services including safeguarding leads, Police, Fire Service Youth services.

This session is for our Safeguarding Forum Members, taking place on the Wednesday 5th February 2020 at Ikon.

Book your place now by course code M-RSW2001 & M-RSW2002
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