eLearning update (www.suffolkcpd.co.uk)

Since October 2019, most eLearning courses (SEND/Care Act/Safeguarding) have been available from this website.

Click on “Search Training” and filter by “eLearning”, or click on “eLearning” to see the main topics, and click on the one you are interested in.

Please remember to use Google Chrome (and delete your browsing history) for the best experience.

If your computer has pop up blockers (usually ad blockers) applied, the eLearning will not work. See our quick guide for how to temporarily disable this function whilst you do your eLearning.

For a step by step guide to successfully accessing and completing your eLearning please see
this visual guide.

Please be aware that many of the courses have multiple modules – and for these, when you see the message saying you have passed your test – it may not be obvious that there are more modules to complete. Here is a full list of modules. The visual guide mentioned above shows you how to navigate through them.

Please note that Food Safety can be found on the “Face to Face” side of the website and Liquidlogic elearning remains on this website: suffolk.melearning.university

Any questions, please email admin.wfd@suffolk.gov.uk
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