Workforce Development, in conjunction with the University of Suffolk are pleased to offer an opportunity for CYP, ACS and NSFT practitioners to come to together and discuss evidence informed practice and how this can have a direct impact on their work with children, adults and families. Lecturers from UOS will be joining us and Professor Noel Smith (Dean, School of Law and Social Sciences, University of Suffolk) will be providing a key note address in relation to Research and Poverty.

The aim of this event is to raise awareness of what ‘good evidence’ looks like in professional practice and to promote and sustain models of informed practice.

• Increased awareness and skills to apply theory and research in practice and policy making
• Increased awareness and skills to evaluate evidence of all types and embed the learning in practice and with recording
• Identify how we can develop and sustain evidence informed practice within the day to day culture

Places are limited per team so book on now using course code M-EVI1901
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